Authored by Brian Jones

How to Grab Your Reader's Attention

Writing an essay is, no doubt, a boring and tedious task. Do you know who else it can get dull and bored for? The reader--the teacher in charge of grading your essay. They are tired of reading the same thing over again; this is why they lose interest at the start of essays that sound just like all their other students' work. In order to grab the reader's attention right from the beginning, you need an engaging "essay writer sentence. An interesting opening for your essay that both informs and hooks them in so they'll want to read more of what you have written about it.

There are different types of hook sentences that you can incorporate in your essay. Choose the one that is the most relevant to the type of paper you’re writing and the topic.

Question Hook

What is the best question to ask someone that will make them think about their life?

What is a great, thought-provoking first line for an essay or discussion group on how people look at themselves and what they want from life.

Quotation Hook

One way to get your readers interested in the subject is by starting with a quote that relates to what you're talking about. Some quotes can really grab people's attention, but make sure they are from credible sources and cite them so there won't be any plagiarism issues.

Anecdotal Hook

When I was in high school, my friend's mom always used to say "It takes two people to make a good joke." Her jokes were so bad that we would laugh at them and then try to figure out what the point of it all was. She didn't have an English degree like us, but she wasn't stupid either - if you ever get stuck for something funny or witty when conversing with someone who may not be as educated on your level: just tell them one of her jokes!

Statistic Hook

If you’re having a hard time making your essay interesting, don't give up hope! There are plenty of online resources at the ready to help. Use these sites as an outlet for research and ideas on how to make your paper more creative while maintaining quality writing standards "write my essay". The best part? Some even offer essays free if they believe in what you're trying to do or accomplish with your work! So take advantage of this opportunity today by contacting one now – it may be just enough help that is needed for better grades tomorrow!

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